Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Fade to Grey

When last we left The incredible Hulk in Kodiak's blog the emerald man monster was recipient of a punch so mighty it rocked the town of Vegas The Hulk was knocked into space then he crashed to the planet creating a huge crater.

Watch True believers as The Hulk gets up in a rage, but then he notices The sun set.

" No! Not fair! Hulk wanted to smash Him. Not...."

The behemoth falls then transforms into The smaller , but meaner Joe Fixit.

" Man I don't know what Kodiak's beef with greenie, But when I beat That mutie, People are gonna stop comparing' me to Salad Brain. "

I leapt around the city 'till I find 'im . " Hey Red ! Don't look now! " He turns. " I said Don't look now!" I plow intro 'im with my feet.

He slashes my chest. " Hulk is that you?"

" What? Just because I'm grey , and have more than a ten word vocabulary people just assume I ain't the Hulk. Here let show ya I am. " I unleash a haymaker on his jaw that lands him, on some billboard That has this kid eating cereal.

He the thing he hit was the spoon part, and it bent back and flipped him across skyline into a fountain In front of a casino. He spits out water and replies " Yup your the Hulk alright."

I jump in an' put his head under the water. He gets bigger, and tosses me off . He charges me I duck a clothes line , give him a shot in the ribs . His massive forearms grab my neck, and he starts chokin' me out. I pick him up and suplex Kody into a car.

When he gets up I poke one of his eyes with my index finger while he's recovering I elbow him in the head. As he gets to his knees I kick him Makin ' a huge trench through the strip.

The big man heals. " What the? He's somehow tricky all the sudden? I guess that more than his skin color changed. "

I jump Over to him. " Ya got that right sucker!" Too bad for me He sinks his claws into my gut. It'll take a second to heal, less if I get really mad. Still I gotta He ain't gonna give me that second.. I tear a A hole into the pavement and fall into the sewers beneath.

He follows me. " Hiding? This isn't like you Hulk!"

" I aint't hidin' I just wanna show you that gas mane!" I pop out behind him and toss him into it. It explodes just like I counted on . I crawl out into the night. I notice a bunch O' clouds are blocking out the moon. Great That means I'm gonna get even stronger and have less of Banner's wimpy influence. Well that and I'm pretty ticked. I heal almost instantly.

Kodiak springs out of the hole Healing from the third degree burns. " I'm going to kill you!" He screams. He grabs my hands Then we're in a classic test of of strength. He keeps getting bigger, but When he actually gets strong enough to hurt me I get madder , and match him.

We're doing this for thirty few minutes, when I finally just decide to knee him in the groin. While he's howling I say. " Hey Looks like ya need to put some water on those wounds of yers. How about I send ya over to one of my favorite watering holes? "

I punch him into a strip club I sometimes bounce for. When I find him his wounds , and burns are gone. He grabs me by the neck and it looks like he may break it when he notices all the nude women around him.

This distraction is all I need to grab his face , and toss him through the roof. He lands just where I want him the construction site him , and Gucamole Skin fought at earlier.

Kodiak, Tosses a crane at me. The heavy machinery crumbles burying me. Now most people would either be dead or trapped. Most people ain't the Incredible Hulk. I bust outta the wreckage, with a wrecking ball on a chain. The machine had on it.

I smack The giant with it in the face a few times. He catches it, and crushes it in his bear hands ( That ain't a typo just a bad pun.) I realize what comin' next, and I roll with the blow. Leaping backwards into to the perfect position.

" Alright Red ! No more playin' now I'm just gonna stand here, an' the two of us are gonna slug it out! C'mon ~! Whattya waitin' for? Chicken?"

That got 'im he roared and ran at me with a full head of stem, To bad I side stepped hit him in the back Of the had , and knocked him just where I wanted him.

" What what is this? " Shouts Kodiak.

" Wet cement ." I grin. " Gettin' a sinkin' feelin' there Kody? Well I guess you'll be at the bottom in a few minutes. Then as your strugglin' It'll start to harden until your in a rock coffin. Give Jimmy Hoffa my regards. "

As his head goes under I laugh. Than I realize nobody's payin' me for this. Damn !