Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Why do I take jobs from the Trunk boys?

I got back to Vegas after the whole SHIELD Red Hulk debacle. I'm happy to say me, and green boy tossed the Professor back into the dark depths of Banner's head. Though Banner is still around.

I'm relaxin' here at the office, after the job from an anonymous source. I'm pretty sure I know who it was since he paid me to chase down the Juggernaut, paint his armor pink, and call him nancy boy over , and over.

I know it's you Xavier. Don't worry you can pay normal price. So I was sittin' in the office, and two Guys who look about the same one with long, hair the other with dorky hair cut come into my office.

I roll my eyes they both got lavender hair, and tails Vegeta's sons. “Hello Joe." the youngest one trunks he calls himself. smiles.

" Whattaya want?" I growl.

Mirai sneers. “We’re going to Hell to save Vampirella. We'll pay you your normal fee, plus expenses. You in or not?"

“Hmm Hell?" I think about the other job I got is to hold down the Rhino so the Vault guards can spray him wit' soap and water. That's its own special kinda Hell.

“Alright Trunk boys I'll do it." I grin.

“Please don't call us Trunk boys.” Mirai states.

“It’s either that or Girly, hair, and Girlier hair." I mean seriously look at 'em. Ya can tell they both got there looks from there mother.

“Trunk boys it is!" The younger one shouts." Mirai glares. “You’re jealous of what I had with Vampi aren't you?"

“Who aint?" I ask. We take a transport plane. And the boys. Give me a low down of the situation.

“So this imp tells ya the only way to get to this Hell is through a mirror, and ya believe 'im?"

“Cabain wouldn't lie." Mirai gripes.

“Reaper maybe not, but the imp could be. Maybe we should visit Dr. Strange..."

“There’s no time!" Mirai shouts." You're just muscle we didn't pay you to think!"

Okay then. Yeah this is gonna be a fool's errand. We fly to Dracula's castle, at guess what freaking California. There go all my preconceptions. We step out, and it Halloween early as a gaggle of vampires swarm us.

I swat knock a few away with a thunder clap while the saiyan boys blast a few others try to bite me, and break there teeth I stomp their heads. “Well that was a nice warm up." I grin.

Mirai smashes in the door, and after we run through a few corridors we find the, man himself.

He tries to talk us. “I am glad you have come.... We can go about saving... What are you doing? “Then the Trunk boys jump him, and people call me angry. All the sudden some red thing with tentacles attacks

“By the Dark One!" Dracula yells fearfully. "Lilith has unleashed that thing to stop you from saving my beloved! It's too powerful none can withstand it."

It starts wrapping around me with those things " Aw hell no!" I scream using my strength against it starts laughing.

“Fool! I can feel great power within you! But I eat power so just keep madder, and I'll become stronger!"

Dammit! I ain't goin' out like a funny color haired Japanese school girl! I ...I... I...

The monster Gasps. “Your power, it's surging what? What is happening? Your color it's changing!"

“Puny tentacle monster... You may be strong but no one is as strong as Hulk! Hulk will smash Puny Monster!"