Sunday, July 15, 2007

Stupid Greenie

After the Green Hulk Left the Saiyan place. I woke up in a desert. I thought It was Nevada or somethin' and was pretty glad I could just leap over to Vegas, Until I found There was more desert than there usually is when I'm in Nevada.

I later discovered I was in the freakin' Sahara. And then the day came, and I woke up in Latveria. Yup the same Latveria that Doc Doom rules. He wasn't too happy ta see me since last time he saw me and Vegeta captured him after bein' paid by Reed Richards.

So I escape, smashin' most of Doom's defenses, and end up leaping to an area where it's Day time Next thing I know I'm In Antarctica! Damn it! I would get a map for that green moron, but I'm afraid, he'd fold it up , and wear it as a hat.

Gah! How do I get back to Vegas from here?