Saturday, April 29, 2006

Spider- man Is runnin' outta ideas

Ok I don't know if ya know this or not but SPider-man likes to play practal jokes on other heroes. Though I dont think of myself as a hero he see s to but man I don't know what he was thinkin' here.

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Jumpin' off a bulding an' kicking me in the face ain't funny. Ok the fact he was yellin' surprise! while he did kind of funny was but any way I got him back.

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heh heh heh

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Summers has problems

I know I ain't posted in a while. Ya see I've been gamblin, pretty much a vacation from all the stress of work. That an' I keep turnin, back to Banner, r turnip head.

It seems while I was away my mail piled up. Most of tthem were job offers. Good I can get back some of my money. Then the was dis one, it was mailed rom Xavier's institute. I pop it in my VCR Hopin' it was footage of Psylocke in her Bikini or somethin'.

But noo! that would be somethin' I'd want to see. It was Cyclops, and he was eatin' Ben an' Jerry's Ice cream .

Ya could hear kids laughin' in the background they were sayin' "This is Saturday night. And this is what Mr Summers does. " He started cryin' the camera moves over to the tv an Comedy Central is on .

He starts sayin' things like "why don't they respect me? Why can't I be loved then it gets really strange he yells " Warren!" He takes out a teddy bear and hugs it It says " You don't judge me Mr wooby . You accept me for who I am."

I was watchin' the leader of the X-men have a nervous breakdown. He curls up into the fetal postion and puts a thumb in his mouth and starts suckin' on it. This is where the tape ends. Oh yeah Mutant kind is in good hands wit' this mook in charge.

I look at my Email An' I get from Vegeta's wife. it says " you would want to see this." It says it was taken from a party at Xavier's mansion. I play the attachment An' it's Summers again this time with Gambit. They're holdin' each other an' cryin.'

It seems Bulma doesn't know me at all, I don't want to see that . I turn off my computer an' look at my mail with fear. How many more are starring Scott doin' somethin' weird. I'm going to be havin' nightmares. for months now.

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Playin' detective.

While Savin' da sister o' Ms. Tart, I got 'er number. Hey Banner may wanna mourn fer Betty forever, I do not. Any way she called me sayin' someone tried ta murder her sister.

She think's Vegeta did it, or had sumthin' ta do wit ta hide an affair. I called in a favor wit a private eye. After a day or so I hate ta say it but Vegeta Couldn't be da one who had da affair. he was very publicaly arguing wit Goku.

Vegeta threw A dumpster at him Goku threw a car they fought for a few minutes, And der wives yelled at 'em and dey broke it up. It was on da news an evrything.

So I went ta CapsuleCorp ta pick up da Money Trunks owed me. After gettin it I snuck ta where dey keep da security tapes. After convincin' da guards. I looked through da tapes of dat day. Sure enough sumone who looked like Vegeta was kissin' Karen.

Problem was it ain't him . His hair was like whitesh blue. And dat voice is way to diffrent. Also Durin da Doom ting he had his shirt blasted off. There was no tattos when dis guy threw off his shirt he had a grim reaper tattoed on is back.

Dis don't make no sense. unless sumone was tryin' ta impersonate Vegeta.