Sunday, October 28, 2007

Fightin' Along side Wolverine.

So I found leapin' around like an idiot didn't find Wenidgo at all. And I guess ed If it was after Wolverine since it wasn't comin' after me. So I did what What most people do in a jam, I went inta an Internet cafe, and googled Logan's many names.

Seems A James Logan has a cabin out in Alberta, And there's been reports of a short hairy man harassing' the locals. When I leave I see people lookin' strange at me, huh. Ya'd think they'd never seen a seven foot tall grey man in a suit before.

I leap there, and find Fuzzy, Wendy and a babe all fightin' it out. Then I notice who the babe is that Ishikawa dame from the Oike Gallery in New York. Who knew she had those kinds of moves? the problem is Wendigo is tough. he kept tearing' me and Logan open.

And the chick while fast was startin' to slow down. We tired the Fastball Special, and I miss it. Lucky I get madder. Makin' me stronger, and I finally start hurtin Wendigo while Logan And Ishikawa stab'im in the back .

Then while it reels I hit 'im with a tree.

" Did that do it bub?" The runt asks.

The monster shatters the tree, and yells "Wendigoooo!"

" Nope."

Ana does Somethin' she calls Qi, or Ki, or key. And he's stunned. " Alright Logan let's try the fastball special again!"

" No way !" he growls "Ya missed last time on purpose And I ended up slammed inta those trees I'm gonna be pickin' splinters outta my teeth for weeks!"

I laugh. " Yeah I really did that on purpose, because i really enjoy Wendigo rippin' me apart that's so much fun."

" You idiots!" Ishikawa, grouses. " I can't hold him like this all day! "

I grab Logan and toss him. He goes through Wendy makin' a big Logan sized hole in his chest. Then Wolverine slams into the trees again. " Dammit!" he complains as I chuckle.

Wendigo is down for the count, and I call department H. threy come to secure him, but it seems Logan has called Dr. Strange.The Doc did some kinda mumbo jumbo and Wendigo turned back into his human form. Problem is the spirit is still wanderin' woods waitin' for someone else to possess.

Well don't matter ta me I got my payment for this mess.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

A huntin' I will go!

Ok I'll just say one thing i wasn't one of the super villians that helped kill the flash kid. I just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. And yeah I beat up that annoyin' Kon-El but so what?

Now that I got that squared away. Up here in the Big Whilte North Of Canada is the last place i woulda expected to get a job. I mean I didn't come here by choice . Banner was just tryin' to get me out of civilization.

So maybe in a way I owe that Super Brat for getting' Brucie mad and lettin' me out.
Oh yeah the job, Something called Department H Found me after the incident, and offered me twice my normal fee to capture something.

I laugh and say I'm yer man until they tell me it's The Wendigo.

the green hulk fought this thing several times he's tough. Hell once Greenie fought him and Wolverine at the same time.

But ya know I jumped at the opportunity. Because the best way to show the world I'm better than that green doofus is to defeat his ol' enemies and' do it better. But ya know it's weird. After i walk into the woods I find he ain't comin' after me like he usually does.

Well when I say me I mean green Hulk. Don't matter I'm the same guy except fer the fact i gotta brain, so that slobbering drool monster should be after me by now. Then i start thinkin' no way .. could I be he's after someone else ? What a weird coincidence if that runt is out here too.

Guess Instead Of That big furry coming after me I gotta go after it. Well looks like I better start leapin' .