Monday, May 05, 2008

gettin' paid

So I'm lookin' to get Heroslayer I faked bein' a superhero and lured him out Unfortunately I also broke Vegeta's kids car and had to pay the two girls with new cars to silence 'em. ,I'm takin ' that money outta Slayer's hide I can't wait for the Million dollar Bounty that luthor has promised. He kept usin' all these fun little weapons and crap that well they annoyed me.

I mean come on, if the military can't take me down what's some guy in a fright mask gonna do? Well I found out when he shot me with some kind of gamma gun. it burns and makes fall on my knees. " You should have never tried to face me Hulk! Now you'll die like all the rest."

Really who has this guy actually killed? A bunch of z listers and a sick Superboy clone? He's messin' with the A list now. And he made his first mistake , yeah the Gamma is hurtin' me , but it's also makin' me stronger it's like attackin' Superman with a sun lamp.

I thunder clap and knock loser across the horizon. I leap after him, and tear him out of his armor. " I'm gonna crush ya. Ya shouldn't have made me mad punk."

A voice interrupts me before I smash the loser. " Joe ? How much are you getting paid for this?"

I turn on the interloper It's Deathstroke. " What? You wantin' Luthor's Bounty too?"

" No last time Luthor paid someone it was all fake, but if you want a million here."

He throws me a suitcase. " Okay, and you're doin' this why?"

" Hero slayer owes me, and I always collect on my debts, and now he owes me even more to accept the money to leave him alone?"

I shrug " Yeah why not I'm in this for the moolah anyway. he ain't one of my enemies yeah have fun ya bought yerself a Heroslayer."

I don't know what he wants with 'im and I don't care i got my money so I'm out.