Sunday, November 25, 2007

A new Hulk

Stupid Banner makin' me refuse takin the Bruce Cain job. Eh then again it probably fer the best since Vampi's wuz hurtin' and it all turned out alright. But still work has been a little slow lately since the whole World War Hulk thing.

Take over one city and beat up the Illuminati and people get all pissy. Now you people enjoyed those gladiator games as much as I did, and come on I beat the Sentry for crap's sake! That punk's been needing someone to take him down a peg for some time now.

Any way never mind all that. I hear there's a pretender runnin' around callin' himself the Hulk. A red Hulk who ain't Banner, I mean me.

Look Red why don't cha get your own name huh? Because there is only one Incredible Hulk. An' ya ain't him! Ya don't wanna see how i deal wit' copyright infringement. i don't call lawyers I smash! So ya better hope I don't catch ya!

Stupid fake!