Tuesday, February 24, 2009

And the tag team champions are...

So this tournament? Easy money. Look at our first opponets.Photobucket

Me. and Grimm steamrolled those two. the next two were Ryu, and Ken from Street Fighter they spent the whole match whooping, and hollerin, Me. and Grimm knocked them both outta the ring with one punch.

The next bout was with Pan. And Draculina, my old sparrin' partner in Vegas.

She glares. "I joined this little tournament to kill you beast!"
Mean while the thing had troubles with her little lover. Pan. ‘Aw whatta Revoltin' development this is! I don't hit gals." Grimm whines.

The one third saiyan grins. “I don't have that problem Rocky." She grins as she body slams him inta the ring. Me I got my own problems as Draculina bites inta my neck. “Gah!" she screams “Your blood it’s tainted!"

‘“Aw a lil' dose of Gamma Radiation to spicy fer yer delicate tummy?" I back hand the Drauklonian outta the ring pan Freaks out and turns Supersaiyan then the thing gets a great idea he thunder claps right by her ears. Though I should be a lil' mad fer stealin' my move.

But aw screw it, after a little rest Not that I really need it I'm the Hulk. We were ready for the last match against a kid that's the spittin' image a. Vegeta, and a tiny little girl that looks about 17 or 18.

“Grimm the one ya have ta worry about is the boy with the spiky hair, if the girl is who I think she is. She ain't got powers. "

“Well that's a relief because Aunt Petunia taught me ta treat the ladies wit' respect I don't wanna clobber 'em." Thing drones on

“That’s great." I roll my eyes he’s as bad as the Green Hulk. What sucks Is I Didn't pay attention ta the saiyan boy who smacked me in the face.
“Okay kid first ones free. " I grunt.

I keep punching at him and he keeps vanishin' Dammit this is startin' to annoy me.

The girl has some kinda weird metal gloves that actually stun the thing When she hits him must be Adamantium, yup that's definitely Batty's little girl. Grimm catches her. “Why can't I read your Body language?"
She groans.

" Prob'ly because I'm an ever lovin' blue eyed rock." Thing Says while holding the girl's hand with one of his giant mitts. " " Now missy I'm Going to set ya gently outside the ring, and." His words were cut off as she did some kinda gymnastic flip over Grimm's head twistin' outta his grip then she pokes him in the eyes.

" @!%&^% tricked like a blamed Yancey Streeter." The thing holds his hands over his eyes. While the girl I mean Batgirl looks like she's tryin' ta find a weakness she can exploit.

Me I had my own problems The Kid wouldn't stop usin' his speed. “Look pal! You're just gettin' me mad I'm pretty sure ya know what does so knock it off!"

He stops and looked like he transforms in to the 4th level. ‘Well I’ve been beat up a lot lately maybe I'm strong enough to take you!"

He punches my jaw so hard I see stars for a second. Next shot sends me inta the air. He appears behind me and smashes me hard into the ring. Damn it this kid is pretty damn strong.

The ref starts countin while the Boy is dumb enough to look inta the hole. " Hey Kid here's rock dust in yer eye."

While he's tryin' ta get that stuff out, I Let him know how it feels ta be a punchin' bag. I then grab his tail and use it, as a hand hold to body slam the kid inta the ring several times before I'm blasted in the face.

“Don’t touch the tail! Only Cass gets to touch my tail! Final Flash!" The blast ruined my suit, and messed me up good, I don't know if I can get mad enough fast enough to beat this kid, than again he doesn't seem to have his Veg Head's stamina, probably too much junk food.

Now if he'd just give me a second to heal we can start this fight up again.

The Thing tosses part of the ring at him the kid while ingnorin' his girlfriend. When the kid turns to blast Grimm I leap up and smack him towards the big dumb rock pile.

“Now my millions and millions of frantic fans are on their feet, because it’s Clobberin' Time! The Thing mouths off luckily he had the time to actually hit Veg Boy.

The two of us team up on him ignorin' the Batgirl Finally the two of us punch him outta the ring. His girl friend following' after him " yelling " Vincent!" Huh doesn't sound like a saiyan name.

They looked disappointed but Vince says. “Good thing you didn't keep fighting those monsters Cass no way you would have won.”

So me, and the thing get our belts, and money.

As I leave I see Vegetal. ‘So what is that kid your nephew or somethin,"

“Son." he replies.

Damn I already seen you had another daughter... man you’re going to hurt yourself making them all well I'm gone at Vegas. "

“You’re not stating for the Main Tourney?' Veg head asks.

“Nope I got what I wanted, a nice pay day." Maybe I’ll make I in time to hit the gambling' halls I think to myself.

Monday, February 09, 2009

New tag team

Yeah I know I ain't been postin' in a while. The Green idiot has been doing a lot of stuff that's left me away from a computer. Well I was gonna skip the whole Boudakai thing this year, but ya know what? the Tag Team money is just too much ta pass up.

But I ain't Gonna be teamin' up wit' saiyan kiddies this time oh no. ya see a certain superhero team has been hit hit hard by the finacial crisis. So one of thier members has decided ta join up wit' me ta get half of the money. And all ya other tag teams well your time is comin' And that time is Clobberin' Time.

Yup i know We've fought more than me and Wolverine but here's the thing , I like money and he needs money I think we'll work okay together. Besides we're two of the strongest people on the planet. we'll makke the competiton pee thier pants. besides I hear two sixteen year olds won it last year. So the competition musta went down hill since I was in it.

Ya know I woulda went into the single tourney but the green idiot would be out there Since it's during the day. If I wanted the place torn apart then yeah I would stay and let greenie there, but I'd like to actually collect my check after winnin; the tag tourny. so yeah other tag teams be afraid be very afraid.