Sunday, April 13, 2008

Needin' some money... Or Joe Fixit rides again.

Okay the SHIELD guys tell me that the vengeful personality that did the whole "World War Hulk" thing has submerged again, and are lettin' me work for 'em. Not that I trust Stark as far as Banner can throw him.

Here's the problem: SHIELD don't pay all that much. And really i'm still a freelance guy, And the bills have been piling' up while i was locked up in Gamma Base. I need some money.

Let's see what offers I got : presidential candidates want to kill each other: No.

Some people called the Dreadnoks or somethin' or other wanna kill take out Professor X. Well me and Baldo gotta deal now. I don't mess wit' him, and his buddies don't send me to another planet.

That an' Chuck is a good paying customer. So I ain't killin' off the hand that feeds me. Let's see what else? Ah there's a million dollar bounty on some chump called Heroslayer.

An' From Lex Luthor too, well now this'll be good. He's loaded. I bet this Heroslayer loser will be an easy mark. Heheheh.