Thursday, March 15, 2007


I got Vegeta ta follow me in on this last one.

I fought this Overmind guy, back when I was in the Defenders. Well greenie did.Guy's tough. But the two of us should be able to take him. He used his mind powers to hide out in plain site in one of New York's best hotels.

When we go in all the tourists and staff attack us. " The Hell?" Shouts Vegeta. " Out of the way Humans! Or suffer the consequences!"

I thunder clap knocking em all out of the way. " Don't waste yer time on 'em their just pawns any way. All Of them mind controlled. "

" Hmph!" He exclaims. " Let us get this over with." At the penthouse we find our target.

" Hulk! You and your friend are not going to take ,me In! " He declares. " They want to put me in that Negative Zone Prison, while some of the Thunderbolts get put in a Suicide Squad type team. And you Hulk . as as well as you Vegeta have given them their last members, Bullseye , and Venom."

" And ya know this why?" I ask.

" My Mind reading ability. I'll warn you once leave, and you won't get hurt. "

" Bah!" Vegeta declares. " You are the one who has to prepare to be hurt funny hat! "

Before he can make a move I punch him in the face, Damn it! He's in my head! As the Saiyan Prince is knocked away into the skyline from my shot, He puts the thought in my mind that I gotta kill him. Damn it!

Tuesday, March 06, 2007


Ya know I thought That the name Venom was familiar. Turns out,I or rather the so called "merged Hulk." fought him before.

So I was expecting a good fight outta this. But Venom looks different now. An' when I found him he was robbin' a bank. Boy how the mighty have fallen. I mean he used to be some kind of vigilante.

Now he's robbin' banks? That's just a big disappointment. " Yo! " I yell. " Hey! Evil Spider- Man! Yer gonna go back inta custody rather ya like it or not!"

He leaps over me. Dodges, my hay maker then webs me up. Ugh! I keep gettin' suits ruined this way.

Ugh! This stuff sticks worse than than Spider-man's stuff. And it tears my shirt pullin' off. Why do I even bother? Good news is the Bounty I get fer venom will give me enough money to get another one.

The problem is he slashes through my chest with claws. Man! This is gettin' a little tiresome. How many clawed guys are out there? " We don't know who you are Grey man! But You will pay for interfering with us!" Venom slobbers.

I notice the guy's voice kinda sounds like I heard it before, and I don't mean from Venom. Is there a different guy in this costume? Don't matter, I Feint a blow, that he dodges, and I catch him with a right, knocking him inta the bank vault.

He shrugs it off. "The last guy in who was attached to the symbiote, took punches from the Juggernaut!" He gurgles. " Your shots aren't even going to affect me buddy! No one short of the Hulk can hurt me!"

Heh. That makes me grin there. Given I am the Hulk. He leaps on me and lands a right cross on me jaw. Each punch after hurts a little less. Until I grab him by the neck and slam ugly into the pavement.

when he gets up I punt him into a teller's desk. I then pick up the vault door he tore up and slam him with it. I laugh. " What was that about me not bein' able ta hurt ya?"

She shreds the steel door. Kicks me in the jewels then starts webbing me in a
cocoon. The stuff starts gettin' in my mouth, and nose. Ok All this just gets me madder.

I tear through the gunk, and growl " Yer goin' down toothy!"

He looks scared for a second then tries to jump at me again. I thunder clap, and the suit starts meltin' and the guy inside screams.

" So That's yer weakness eh?" I smile.

" Kill You!" He mumbles at the edge of conciseness.

" Nah! But ya do getta free song If yer happy and ya know it Clap yer hands!" Thoom!

" Arrrgh! " Venom shrieks.

" If yer happy and ya know it, then yer face will surely show clap yer hands!"


All the claps. put him down. and the symbiote melts offa the guy Ah man! I though I recognized the guy's voice! It's Mac Gargen The Scorpion! So I was fightin' Venom lite.

While I shake my head in disgust. The oozing thing gets up and tries to attach itself to me.

I try pullin' it off that ain't happenin'. So outta desperaation I thunder cllap right in front of my face. I keep doin' it until the alien falls off and gathers in a puddle, at my feet.

That was too close a call. I call in SHIELD, and weirdly they let the suit rebond with Gargen, and before puttin' him in shackles. Eh what do I care? I got my money.