Thursday, September 06, 2007

Black mask fixed almost literally

Yeah I know I ain't been that busy in while. It kinda has to do with two things, first That other personality of mine deciding he was going to hold New York hostage Startin' a war.

An' second I kinda been partying with Hercules a lot.

Poor Banner has been wakin' with strange girls an' hangovers heh. But looks like I need ta come back and make some money. What sucks is the first job I got was from a little kid, and it's beat up the Cluemaster, and find Black Mask if he's alive and torture him good thing I got half the money up front.

OK Cluemaster was easy a little too easy, he cried , peed his pants and fainted, so he got the message stop tryin' to take my client's kid. Next I ran around Gotham beating up gangsters and the like until I found out Black mask is back to life, and tryin' to take over Gotham's underworld.

I find his base go through a tidal wave of gangsters and bullets. You know ya'd think when people see that bullets bounce offa me and that all they are doin' is hurting their buddies that they'd stop shooting. Well guess what no they don't.

So a lot of mobsters got hit from "Friendly Fire. "

When I finally catch this girl torturing douche bag I see he's a rip off The Red Skull.

Of course he tries to shoot me, moron. I take him to a place I already set up, for this.

" What are you going to do to me monster?" He yells.

I grin. " I'm gonna torture ya. But I ain't gonna ta use drills , and crap ya did I got more imagination. Abominatrix come in!"

" Raaargh! You no order Abominatrix grey Hulk looking man!" She shouts.

" Yeah, but I wanted ya to meet yer new boyfriend. "

" Snoo Snoo! Snoo Snoo!" The ugly freak shouts.

" She doesn't mean what I think she means?" Black Mask cries.

"Yup!" i turn on a radio with Bon chiccka wow chicka wow music going. While Aboinatrix starts singing, "Abominatrix been feeling fine baby!"

I took a picture when the ugly green thing crushes his ribs, that oughta get me my money As fer the rest ya can't pay me enough to watch what Abominatrix is gonna do to him. If he's lucky he may just get outta this with a crushed pelvis. If not she 'll tear him apart

I don't care either way. Mai Tai's at the bar are on me!