Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Gettin' ready to fight the Destroyer.

OK yeah I've been avoidin' Betty Banner. Also I've been keepin' Banner away from her by puttin' him in weird places like mountain tops , or in cages. I don't trust her I think it seems just a little weird that she shows up all the sudden alive After Bein' dead? c'mon.

O' Course Kristy ain't believin'' the fact I ain't Banner. Yeah we share the same body but I am not that weak panty waist. I don't need him but he needs me . Because with out me he'd be hiding under a bed cryin' about how mean Daddy was.

Any way I was in my bulllding' when I get this phone call. It was surpisin' that it turned out to be Professor X. I can't believe his nerve after being part of the group that sent me too space.

He made some excuses sayin' he didn't know what was goin' on in the room, It was all Reed Richards' doin' all that. I'm tired of hearin' it after all this time. I ask the prof. " Whattaya want?"

" Well Joe the Destroyer has just rampaged through my school. I was wondering if you could take care of it for me."

There are a few things that can challenge those X-kiddies. Well The Destroyer is one of'em. This robot armor thing, that needs a soul to activate it. It was made by Odin, to stop some Celestials, and the thing is a tough nut to crack. Even for me The Hulk.

I demand quadruple my usual rate, and he agrees to pay it. That shocked me a little ,it must be important for some reason , to him to take down the Destroyer. That's fine I kinda' like the "heroes " callin' me in to help with their problems.

I know they don't trust me, but they need my strength so for right now, They ain't gonna try somethin' like that again. Well as long as I keep the other Hulk's in check.

After the money appears in my Bank Account. I start leapin' to New York. I know I could have taken' a plane but it's faster for me to leap, and I don't have to watch any crappy movies. Watch out ya Hunk O' tin. I'm comin' fer ya.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

My weird meetin' with Nick Fury.

Banner's havin' a great time with his girl back. But does he care that she comes outta the blue? Or that she's dead? No of course not!And this guy's supposed to be a scientist.

Well ant way, Nick " One eye" Fury wanted to see me about something. Well I get there and he's babblin' somethin' about the " TX" and ' " Tasha whoever the The hell that is.

The TX I know pretty well though. " If This is about Magneto's Love toy I'll thrash her again, for a fee."

" No she's dead! I'm gonna kill that damn Robot!" he answers.

" Ok then." I shake my head. "Look Old man ! You better not have brought me here to waste my time!"

Fury finally get himself together, and says. " Look I have to get Back to the Helicarrier, Dun Dum Dugan will fill you in on why we've called you."He then hurried runs out the door Ok I'm gettin' a little annoyed here.
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Dugan walks in and opens a suitcase."These are the members of the Civil; War experiment called "Project Justice Like lightning." The escaped custody during a riot."

I laugh." So lemme get this straight you put a whole bunch O' villains on you payroll to capture heroes. When they do what crooks tend to do, escape. Now you want me to catch them right?"

Dugan sighs. " Look for each one of these guys you can track down , and catch, we'll give you and whoever you work with a fair price based on how dangerous and powerful they are. Does that sound good to you?"

I snort." No, You give me my normal fee, I ain't bein' lowballed."

" He shakes his head. " The least dangerous one will be twice your normal fee, Fixit."

My jaw drops. Dugan smiles " I'll take that look as you saying we have a deal Lad."

" Wait a sec. Could you guys do me a favor?" I question

" Depends on what it is Hulk."

" Well banner's wife Betty has mysteriously popped up alive could ya guys look into it for me?"

" What? Ok sure we'd be very interested to now how she pulled off that trick ourselves."

" Good doin' business wit' ya then." I grin.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Not her!

Big Joe is back in control again. And that's a good thing, considerin'that That Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator is right, it looks like the Other Hulk is touching Logan's crotch In that picture in the last post.
Yuck I'm gonna go wash that hand, in battery acid. On to more pleasant things. Kristy got a hold of me an' we were goin' out, well her darn sister had to go too. Tch! Fine.

the dinner went alright ' cept Karen kept lookin' at me diapprovingly , and askin' are you still taking money to beat up people ?"

" I dunno know girl. Are ya still datin' a homicidal maniac?" I sneer.

She puffs up " I'll have you know Cabain is now a police officer!"

" Ah so now it's legal for him, to be homicidal then?" Heh. That was a good one.

" Look here Fixit! " She screams. " You have his Father, as some kind of business partner. He's a lot worse than Cabain ever was."

I chuckle at that one. " At least he admits it, and doesn't care what anyone thinks about him, that I can respect."

Kristy kept tryin' to get us to stop fighting. As time went on . I tried ta get Kristy to go to my place Of course Karen, just hadda play chaperone. So we get there, and I get an unwelcome surprise.

" There's an old lady in your building." squeals Karen.

" Bruce who are these People?" Asks Betty, indignantly.

Karen looks around, " Where where's Bruce?"

Betty gives me the ol' stink Eye. " You didn't tell them did you Bruce?"

"Fixit, who is this?" questions Karen, tapping her foot.

" I'm Betty Banner, his wife. Ladies I'd like you to meet Dr. Robert Bruce Banner."

Karen gasps " Banner that's the name of..."

Kristy jumps up and down " Who? Who? Why won't somebody. Please tell me what's going on?"

Betty shakes her head. " Look Bimbo He's the Hulk. As in the Incredible."

Damn it! Stupid Betty First callin' Bruce then tellin' 'em who I really am. Why can't dead people just stay dead?"

Saturday, October 07, 2006

I ain't joining your little war.

The other day I was minding own business for once. And Tony Stark, and Reed Richards show up , and start trying to recruit me. Of all the stupid things. These two sent me out into space , then ask me for a favor?

Well When I tell them where they can stick their offer. They attack me along with Wonder man. Richards bounces at me like a ball. I pull a lamppost out the ground and hit him away for a home run I hope he enjoys whatever country he landed in heh.

Meanwhile I'm fighting with Iron man , and Wonder man. Free Image Hosting - www.supload.com

I crushed Iron man's chest plate, and gave a special message to the Old Hollywood dork.

So after I leave them broken, and bruised. I find my self a nice little place in the woods, where I can be left alone. But do People leave me alone? Nooooooo! Capitan America, And Wolverine have to show up and mess and try to recruit me for there side. And here's my answers to both of them.
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I think I'm going To wait until this war's final battle, Then I'm going to crush the winning side. That way , no one will ever mess with me again.