Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Cage match!

Continues from Here

I had the Henchman pretty well beaten , until he yelled " overdrive!" A red aura forms around the kid's body and hall the sudden he hits like Thor . I recognize that trick . That bum Goku's been teaching him.

Heh I guess Henchman ain't heard the madder I get the stronger I get! He slams me with axe handle punch. He then tries to hit me with a spin kick I grab his foot pick him up by the leg And use him like a tennis racket against the cage.

His demon friends come in, an I pull them in and crush them up into their master.

" Give up boy! Ya ain't gotta chance. " I say ta him Hey I was feelin' generous.

The red aura gets brighter he smashes free from the monsters. He puts me in a front face lock.

I laugh " I watch Wrasilin' too." I push him offa my head, Put him up inna airplane spin then I finish the combo with a Northren Lights Suplex.

He gets back up and busts my jaw with a few punches. I chuckle as it heals up almost instantly. " One last chace to give up."

" Why would I do that?" he asks .

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I charge at him yellin " Cause you haven't a prayer of beatin' me!"

We exchange punches until I hear a poppin' sound an' he collapses.

" Aw didja break yer little battery?"

The guy gets up and says " That's not stopping me. " Heh! Ya got spunk kid! The Abomination woulda been cryin' by now! Ya know ya got my respect if nothin' else."

I'M about ta put the last punch on 'im when the cage is pulled offa the ring . I look up an see a bunch of Green Lanterns being led by Guy Gardener. Free Image Hosting - " Thanks grey boy ! We'll take from here." laugh Gardener.

" Hey Punk wait a minute! Your gonna take him on after he fights his heart out?"

" So? you just made our job easier for us."

I punch the smug little ring bearer through the roof . Then I grab the cage and smack a few more then these yellow things attack them. I turn ta see Henchman up and ready to go a few more rounds with me .

" My power cell is back online let's go!"

" Heh Nah that's ok. Ya did good let's call this fight a draw. "

The audience boos. I answer them with a " Shut up!" they all get quiet . then the Green Lanterns show up again. " Looks like they don't know when ta quit."

The announcer shrieks " Place your bets folks Joe Fixit , and The Henchman versus These Green Lanterns."

" Cool so we're tagging now ?" said Henchman.

" Yeah too bad fer them!"

Monday, July 10, 2006

What just happened ?

I wake up in some office High rise I've never seen before. There's a tape recorder by me I play it. The voice sounds like me but deeper and with more of an accent So this is what Joe Fixit sounds like when he's not in my head.

" Ok Banner here's the drill stay there. That's all ya have to do Oh yeah I put some tranquilizers in your pocket, We don't need that green doofus messin' up my town. Now if ya go back to my place you'll mess everything up ya got that ? Stay there!"

I'm really getting sick of The Hulk treating me as his errand boy. I've cured my self of him several times now , but somehow I always find myself turning back into one Hulk or the other. Just I'm sitting there confused by this new plan the Hulk has concocted. ( I know how weird that sounds.) A man in an Aim uniform walks in.

" Dr. Bruce Banner?"

I must still be confused after transforming back to myself because I tell him " y,yes?" He then slaps me . This gets me angry. I then realize This man is going to be torn apart by the Savage Hulk so I Try to suppress the change, he doesn't like that.

" Let Hulk Out! Puny Banner! You Keep Hulk in darkness, you and fake grey Hulk! Hulk will show you both! Hulk is the strongest one there is!"

I run from the scene hoping I can get far enough away from people. When I'm outside the building I can sense I can't get away in time. I take three tranqs . Yes! These aren't normal tranquilizers! Joe actually gave me some of my gamma treated pills.

I calm down almost instantly. The office complex I just left exploded. I wander aimlessly until about noon I find myself at Fixit's place I find a video tape with the name "Banner " scrawled on a label.

I pop it in the VCR. Joe's image comes on screen. " Hey ya loser I hope ya did what I said. If not your gonna find your self in that vault ya tried to keep me in that time. You see This professional Henchman's been runnin' his mouth sayin' I'm scared of him. "

Great another one of the Hulk's enemies.

" So I did some uh , renovating of his union. I'm pretty sure he was going to try to retaliate So I guessed he'd have some kind of Gamma tracker , so I put you in a building I was paid to destroy, by the owner's business competior. If you didn't foul things up there Captain Puny my plan must have gone without a hitch Oh yeah I called the SHIELD on one' a his allies too. Plus I also warned 'em about some plan they cooked up to get Magneto outta the clank. How did I know about it? Let's just say I used some of your science knowledge to plant a bug on a certain red haired robot, heh!"

This is what people forget about Fixit especially when they discover he's the Hulk. He's crafty. Maybe too crafty. Unlike the green savage Hulk he actually thinks things through. I Have to find a way to get more control over him .

Saturday, July 08, 2006


So The coliseum has almost set up the ring for the fight. Ms. Berengetti. Called me up to tell me this. Well looks like The Henchman will need to learn this ok. I went to the Local 432.

I completely destroyed the building , knocked out the teeth of whoever was in there. Then I painted the message on what was left of the building after smashing it down. Some chick in a constrictor suit gave me some lip, so I tied her up in her own coils.

Now even if the henchman doesn't know it he will soon. All his friends already know it . Ya don't mess with Joe Fixit.

Monday, July 03, 2006

Bloodhunt part 2 : Cable

It took me some time to find Cable, He apparently went to some planet to find Deadpool's sidekicks. I found 'em at some school in Westchester. "Why are we trying to educate this loser ?" Said this weird green video game thing. "It is a lost cause."

This smaller purple thing said " Yes Let's turn him into a throw rug!"

The thing they were talking about was a furry monster with horns. It looked pretty tough , but acted like a scared three year old. Cable was holding his fore head in tired manner.

I paid the video game creatures, to slip a drug in Nate's Soda. He was starting to wobble on his feet. Then I jump 'im. I get a TK blast for my efforts. He pulls a lazer on me, and fires it.

It bounces off my chest. Meanwhile the sidekicks were leaving the video game ones were trying to convince the big one to steal DVDs and one was saying "We smoke as we steal DVDs."

Cable tried to reach into my mind. but I saw him sweatin' yeah this was gonna be easy. He holds up a tk shield which I punch through easily. I grab him take out a needle from my pocket and take some blood.

I drop him on the ground after that Nate say " Hulk don't give him the blood."

" So you know who my client is eh?"

" If it's who I suspect it is, the world could be in danger. "

I laugh at him, " I don't care about this planet full of puny humans that have hounded me over the years. All I care about is gettin' what I want."

I leapt away. I delivered the blood at some weird book store. This pale faced man gave me a suitcase of money, after he made sure the blood was Logan's and Summer's When I get back to Vegas, Some of my associates tell me That AIM reject The Henchman's been sayin' I'm afraid of him.

Ok now ya've done it. Henchman it's time to cash the check your mouth is writin'. I know plenty of fight promoters in here in Vegas. If you want to prove your not yellow like your outfit You'll meet me at the Coliseum Casino where we'll fight in an Adamantium cage.

What do ya say?