Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Hulk Smash!

I stare at all the wimps that had gathered at Professor X'S place. I told them how it was going to go, They were going to tell me where Xavier was or they'd get smashed. They pick the stupid option and attack. First was Cyclops, and Wolverine.

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Cyclops was easy enough, I walked through is beam like a duck through water. When I got close the punk went into the fetal position. Now Wolverine is another matter. No matter how many times I knock him down he keeps getting back up .

So I threw him into some room where there was this chair and a helmet hooked up to it , and not much else. We thrash the place . Finally Wolverine is buried under the debris.

Warbird goes all crazy at this moment and blasts me , it moves me back a little . Then she tries punching me. " You may be strong girl. " I say but not enough to do any damage to the Hulk."

I powerbomed her through the floor . Next up I'm blasted by all these saiyans and Storm together. Now this hurts . I stomp the ground . Knocking any heroes off their feet.

I then grab Goku's leg and use him like a club to knock down any of the flying ones. This is going well until they all regroup the big metal Russian idiot throws the runt at me. I punch him up into Trunks. His arm gets slashed.

Colossus tries to fight me in hand to hand, not a good idea against the me I Kick him into the hangar and. Beat him over the head with the their planes . The place starts to crumble from all the fighting.

I grab the one eyed wimp and scream in his face " Where's Xavier?"

" He's gone , he left to help Jon the intergalactic Gladiator, with a mission in Space." Damn it!

" If you make it though this alive pretty boy." I growl. " Tell Xavier I'm coming for him!" I drop him and pull the support beams of the mansion Making debris fall all over them.

Good I leap away, looking to find Reed Richards or Tony Stark next.

Meanwhile the heroes pull them self out of the debris. Shi sees Wolverine go pull his motorcycle from the wreckage.

" Good it ain't damaged."

" Where are you planning on going?" asks Shi.

" Ya saw what he just did didn't ya he's more dangerous then he 's ever been. I'm gonna go an put an end to him for good."

" Logan that's crazy talk !"

" Good thing I'm crazy then."

" What do you think he wants with the Professor?"

" Don't know , and don't care, All I know is he has ta be stopped. Stay here an' help the X-men get any body trapped outta there."

Wolverine jumps on his Motorcycle and drives off towards the green Goliath.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

At last!

My ship crash lands on a planet. I start to wander around . I know one thing This isn't Earth. I have no idea what this place is. I just know I want another ship. How did the craft I have get here?

Banner it must be ! He sabotaged my settings! I became angry and punched several trees. Then these armored things swarm me talking about " the Mistress." someone else that wants a piece of the Hulk I see.

I Thunder clap and knock them all back . " Puny armored men are like puny humans , and the puny pinkies, They never leave me alone! They just keep messing with me ! Pushing me ! Now I push Back!"

I start slamming them with a huge boulder the shape of a club, some of them try to poke me with theses stupid knives. They break against my skin. I see this castle., and some girl. I reconise her one of the X-men!

I leap at her and some kind of invisible shield stops me. I'm not letting that stop me. I start punching it. She laughs until cracks form in it. Then her eyes widen in surprise. I love it when that happens.

" So the rumors are true ? You have infinite strength."

" I'm the strongest one there is! And you'll find that out personally if you don't take me to Xavier!"

She starts laughing again! This annoys me. " I don't see what's funny mutie!"

" Well first off you calling me a " mutant"I'm a goddess!"

" Thor's claimed that as well, I've fought him to a standstill more than once. Next time I meet him I'll finish him! You too unless you give me what I want!"

She smirks " Revenge on the ' illuminati?' "

" Get out of my Head!"

" Tell me Dr Banner, what do you think of the death of every human on the Earth?"

" I'm not Banner! And I don't care what happens to them. As long as I'm left alone ."

That's when I figured out what was going on. This girl has gone nuts. Whatever If she wants to play super villain it's not my business.

She' was reading my thoughts the whole time. " Ok I'll send you back to Earth. We both have the same goal. The Death Of Professor Charles Xavier. Since you won't interfere in my plans There's no reason I couldn't send you back."

She waves her hands next thing I know I'm in New York. But the place has been trashed. I see a paper the headline says" Registration act law." I have no idea what that is. Or what happened to the city. What I do know I have to choose which one of those traitors gets smashed first.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

I want revenge!

After Fixit's fight with Henchman, Banner was offered a chance to save the world. I stopped the Rouge S.H.I.EL.D. Satelite. They lied to us saying it was a Hydra device then Xavier, Doctor Strange, Reed Richards and Tony Stark took control of the shuttle I was riding on. They sent me into space.

I ended up on a planet where I fought as a gladiator. I Took care of the punks that thought they could control The Hulk. Now I've found a way back to Earth. If I were you I wouldn't sleep well at night.

Your powers, and weapons won't save you this time. You puny humans have betrayed the Hulk for the last time. Just know I'm coming for you Especially the ones who call themselves " The Illuminati." You've made me angry. No one will like me when I'm angry.