Friday, November 17, 2006

First Thunderbolt: Brolly

After his little sicko attack on that Bra Kid, and her boyfriend Brolly wasn't that easy to find. He crawled somewhere to heal I found the jerk in West City, at the Crime Alley Bar.

He was in a room on the top floor. Some waitress massaging him. No accountin' for taste I guess.

" Who are or what are you Grey man? " He utters. " The name's Joe Fixit. An I'm bringin' you in."

You and what army bug?"

Next thing I know a shot that would tear a normal person's head off knocks me outta the building. The problem is it just makes me mad. The Madder I get the stronger I get.

I land on my feet, and leap straight into him. My fists landing in his jaw. He falls back on a car crushing it. " That almost hurt." he laughs.

He charges me and clotheslines me in to a building. He starts trying to crush my head in his hands. I kick him in the groin. While he's clutching himself I knock him into the sewers underneath the city.

He fires some big green blast at me that explodes around a gas mane, the Hell. That engulfs me . I'm half burned into a crisp.

" Pathetic!Too bad you are not that Hulk creature I've heard so much about a creature called the Hulk on this world too bad your not him now that would be a fight."

This gets me riled up real good. " Stop comparin' me too him! I hate that!" My anger heals my wounds. I slam into this punk and knock him into the the city skyline I jump after him.

Half way too him I'm blasted by another stupid green energy bubble. " Well you made me bleed. Good for you." The sicko laughs. " That's an accomplishment. Too bad it made you sick you look a little green"

What the? I'm blackin' out he didn't hit me that hard. Puny Grey Hulk. Thinks He's strong. But Hulk is strongest one there is. Hulk glare at funny hair man. He look surprised at Hulk.

" You've changed creature." He tell Hulk. " I get it you and that grey buffoon are both The Hulk huh?"

" Fake Grey Hulk is not Hulk Funny hair man ! Hulk Is Hulk!"

" I see. You've turned as stupid as I used to be. Too bad now I'll kill you easily! Oh by the way my name is Brolly not funny haired man. "

Talk Talk talk. That's all people ever do to Hulk. Words confuse Hulk. " Hulk doesn't care what your name is Broccoli! Hulk Will Smash ! Bad man for trying to do bad things too Hulk's little friend!"

He giggle at Hulk. " That whore Princess? Bah ! That was my revenge on both the royal Family and Kakarot! Too bad I didn't win that Slut! She looks like she can bend all kinds of ways!"

" Stop talking about Hulk's friend! Hulk will shut you up for good!"

Hulk grabs him by the neck he breaks Hulk's grip and punched Hulk's nose. He then kick Hulk in tummy. Hulk hit him back hard he go through puny human big house called sky scraper Hulk thinks.

He fires big green ball of energy. Hulk slams his hands together in Thunder clap. Big ball fall apart. " impossible!" cries Broccoli.

Now it's Hulk's turn to laugh. " Hulk Can do anything!" Hulk yells. Before jumping on funny hair man Then Hulk smashes him real good. His bones crack and he cries Now he knows He's not stronger that Hulk No one is.

I wake up and the whole freakin' area looks crushed. Brolly's all broken up and bleedin' I musta done this. Though I don't remember it. A light suddenly blinds me.

it's SHIELD craft they manacle The saiyan and put 'im in some kinda cryogenic chamber. " Good work Fixit." Says some agent I've never seen before. " Here's your money."

" Wait where's Fury ?" I ask.

" He's been put away for a long time after beating up the Black Widow, Though Since Mr Tony Stark is getting better Well Agent Mirai Trunks seems to be sponsoring him to be our next director. And It looks like he'll get the job."

Iron Man Director Of SHIELD? That ain't good news for anyone.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Civil War party.

I 'm here at this party, when somethin' happens. I don't know if it was the music or what but somehow I can feel another Hulk personility trying to take over.


must resist......

Too late.......

HULK DANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, November 03, 2006

The Destroyer put down.

When I finally get to New York. I find the Destroyer beatin' the Hell out of the Red Vegeta. Good that punk was needin' it. I smack the thing offa' him. They get away like villains often do.

So here I am with this thing well it don't look like it knows what to think of me so I toss a car at it. That gets the desired response it blasts me. "Oh man !" Yell " Not another one of my suits!"

I hear that distinctive "Snikt!" Of Wolverine's claws. I turn " Ok whattya doin' here?

" Ya know Bub, ya really shouldn't wear suits in a battle." he growls.

" " yeah I don't wanna look like a skunk like ya do all the time. " I respond. " So whattya gonna do to the Destroyer? hairy, and short all over it?"

" Yer a riot Hulk." he runs up an' slashes the armor. And The armor kicks him through a jewelry store. Ok my turn. I punch it through a couple of sky scrapers. It charges me and lands a punch on my jaw cracking it. It heals .

But it does make me mad. Really mad I knock the suit into the street. It comes back up behind me and blasts me in the face. Then it slams it's hand in side my chest. I fall down.

At this moment Logan decides to be stupid again. And jumps right in front a of blast, from that visor thing on it's face. It does this too him Though I don't know how.

I laugh " You know that's a good look for ya there Logan. Ya look a lot better. "

The Destroyer turns I spear tackle him. It knocks me off then it suplexes me into a bus. I grab the street beneath it's feet. And pull it. makin' the thing lose it's footing. I then use the pavement in my hands to pummel it .

The Tin can gets up and opens it's visor perfect. I grab it and close it before it it blasts. The Destroyer collapses. Wolverine (still with half his skull exposed)sort of hobbles over to me.

" So bub , what are ya gonna do with that?"

" Don't worry freak face." I retort. "Xavier just paid me to stop it , he didn't say he wanted it. So I'm keepin' it as a trophy. "

I wrap it in metal of a car, and start leapin back to Vegas. Man this gonna make one ugly , but cool decoration.

Later when the sun comes up and Fixit reverts to Banner. " Son Goku walks around the inside Fixit's Penthouse. " hey Joe are ya here? Wanna spar you see I got this big fight coming up and woah!"

At the sound Of Goku's voice the Destoyer wakes again.

TBC In Son Goku's Blog.