Thursday, March 30, 2006

It's vampire crushin' time

Trunks called me up ta the Crime alley bar. He said " It's time. " I don't klnow what changed da kid , but he acts less unsure, he's still arrogant but in a he can back it up way.

He also drinks like a man now. hwe was dowin" whiskey like no one business.

" You ready Fixit?" He asks me in a suddleny deep voice. " C'mon dere just blood suckers I was born ready. " We go ta this place where his little secratary has been dealin' wit' dese things. This one wit'really messed up hair . was awaiting fer her he got a surprise . After we beat on him a little while. He told us where

ta find the sister. We go to tha bulding, and find ourselves surronded by Undead.

to be continued in Trunks Blog.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Some new oppurtinities.

A kid who looks like Trunks but acts completely different asked me ta help 'im bring down some vamps . But somethin' happened wit dat and he lost 'em. But I think I can turn dis into an oppurtunity.

Ya see tougher Trunks guy had me meetin' him at the Crime alley bar in West City. I tink I'll make it into one of hangouts it amazin' how much info ya can get from de place.

Yeah what's better I may get me some new rich clients. And get some black mail on mobsters dis is gonna be good.

Friday, March 17, 2006

Fightin' the great Saiyadork

( Thanks to Great Siayaman for his responses.)

Gohan kicks in my office door And Shouts" I am the champion of Justice Iam...."
" Yer Gohan I say back to him, so what can I do for ya?" " I heard of you destruction of a neighbor hood I'm here to stop you and your evil." I had ta laugh at that one.

"Look ya've been watchin' to many super hero movies Why don't I..." He punches me in the face.

So here we are trashin' Vegas I'm tryin' ta atop this lunaintic before he gets hurt. Then he does it he uses a ki blast in my face I taste blood , and I get mad. He was fast and landed a bunch of punches an' kicks.

But The onesI landed though they hit lless hurt hm more that his did me. ya see I was healin' the whole time, And As the fight went on I was gettin harder ta hurt and stronger.

I trashed to cherry sports cars on his head I kind of regret that, dose were nice cars.he flies up an' strts yellin " Ka me ha ..." I'd seen this before and knew if it hit it would take out half of vegas so I thunder clapped windows for miles around shatterd and car alarms started thier annoyin' blasting.

His ears were hurtin' but he said " I can't let you beat me." " Why?" I asked " because ya want to join the Avengers?" " No you endangerd lives and destroyed property for money."

" An' what are ya doin' now huh? " I said . He jut growled at me his hair turned gold and I thought i knew what to expect but he hit me a lot harder den he should have been able to.

I few into a a swimmin' pool he followed me in I think he was tryin ta weaken me by drownin, me. I grabbed on to him gave him a bear hug forcin' all the air from his lungs after a few minutes he was out.

after gettin' outta da pool I checked his pulse, he was okay, an ' knowin dese saiyans he would be walkin' around in a few minutes. " ya put up a good fight." i said "but Ya can't breathe underwater I can. "

I left 'im there and went lookin' fer my hat.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Demolition duty.

Alright I gotta job! A company was wantin' this neighborhood. Ta get crushed. Tha Problem? da people dat lived there didn't want ta move. Well dere I hada a stroke o luck dat loser Wonder man was in da neighborhood.

He was signin' autographs An stuff so I got in de line took off my shirt and attacked. " what are you doing?" he yells. I don't even talk ta him I smashed him inta some buildings See I staked out da place . I knew which bulidings was empty.

I smashed him all around da place den finall y he starts fightin back . Dis Guy has some kind o confidence problem byt it seems like I set 'im off. I let him smack me around a little bit.

The people had gotten out of da neighborhood. So I let loose. II let my anger out and put down Wondy he was trying to get back up when I Thunder clapped his ears knockin im out. yeah da place was a mess. My clients got what dey wanted.

Don't feel bad for da people though ys see I charged the company quadrauple my usual fee. And Sent da rest to da peole so dey can buy mansions if dey wanted. THe company got what dey wanted I got paid De people aren't homeless. An Simon Williams? well He got beat up , but he got what he likes publicity. I hear he's getting an action movie. A job don't usually go did well where evreyone's happy.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006


I was gonna win dat tornament I was beatin' down thdat stupid Goten boy when I hadda get too mad an Salad brain came out a second. He kicked the boy in da junk. Ndat's it no more competions no more rules, no more fallin' outta da ring. From now on When I fight no rules.

I'm gonna beat on any one I'm paid ta or annoys me, I need a job one where I can beat down some mook. I have a lot o' anger ta release on someone!

Monday, March 06, 2006


Stupid tag Tournament !Those two wimps the big hair bros. ( Yeah I know Vegeta and Goku ain't related. If they were that would make the Goten Bra thing sick, or sicker.)

Any way Vegeta's girl was taken out pretty quick by Goku. Which left me and Vegeta ta fight. I was doin' pretty good. Until they both ganged up on me. Thier chop saki moves and energy blasts couldn't cut it . So they tricked me.
And knocked me outta tha ring.

I guess they're proud of demselves, and thier shiny new tag belts . And da fact dey didn't even go up to dere hightest forms ta beat me . But now ya better watch out ya posers cause ya have no back up in da tourney anymore. An Joe Fixit is gonna leave wit' the second place tag prize and the first place solo prize.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

this tag tournament is mine.

I got teamed with Vegeta's daughter and we one or way into da semi finals. Thet girl has gotta a mouth on 'er though. she insults me before we fight Not dat it matters she can fight. Beat some dork named gamcha or Yamcha somthin' like dat .

Now we gotta fight Trunks and Vampirella. I gotta say i'm not too sad . bout that. I For some reason Vegeta's son rubs me da wrong way, I can't wait to punch 'im in da face .

What's wit' all this snow? those wimps better not cancel the tournament. or they're gonna have a bigger problem , me.

Friday, March 03, 2006

Bringin' down Magneto

It was pretty easy ta Get into the Savage land Base, it was like a war had happened there. There were holes blown into it evreywhere. My partner came in behind me I took the brunt of the shots from the lasers Sabertooth jumped at me going face first. I Smacked him on the face , makin' him fly outta the base.

The Blob Came at me I said "Remember what happened last time, we fought I pulled your rubber gut out a few feet. He looked at me and ran well I guess it was runnin'.

Then it was time fer the main event Mags. he blasted us with metal Unfotunately for him his own power was thrown back at him . " Bishop! That's you under that mask isn't it? "

Bishop unmasked Magneto said "Now that I know it 's you I can, wait what are you doing Sabertooth?"

"Sabertooth" tore off his helmet " Now Xavier!" I yelled. Mags was All the sudden made stiff as a board. "It's over." said Bishop. " Not Yet it ain't." I said Cracking my knuckles . the fake Sabertooth turned back into Mystique

" Why Would you ally yourself with this gene traitor and this brute Raven?", " Looks Like i'm on the Winning side Erik." I was abot ta hit hi Mags when Bishop said " We can't kill him ." " what ? it don't matter I'm just hired muscle." I still slapped him in the face . So he got to go to tha Vault with a brand new black eye. Now I Just gotta wait for the tournament to start , if it ever does.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

A little Fixin,

Alright Before I go to the Tournament, (if it's ever announced , or held.) I got one more job takin' out Magneto. but since Banner has been workin. on fixin, the blog, I don't have much time to tell ya, Right now because I'm about ta do go on the job now. Hope ya like the new color , It's closer ta grey I was gettin' a little sick of the Green talk to ya later.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006


Look at my opponents' blogs der killin' demselves traini'n fer da Tournament. Go ahead let em kill dem selves. Wanna see hoe Mr Fixit is gettin' ready? here it is.

Dose idoits are gonna be broken an' bruised, while I'll be relaxed and loose. dis is gonna be so easy.