Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Beating down a saiyan

Koma had appeared in front of Banner, and zapped him with a Gamma gun . He transformed into me. " Nice of Banner to stay at Xavier's mansion where I can find him, Are you the Hulk I talked to last time?

" Yeah." I mutter.

" Good,there's so many of you Will you help me save the Henchman?"

" Banner's messed up, and who said I was your errand boy Koma?"

" Oh no reason, it's just my friend is fighting vegeta , that's all." he answers.

" So?"

" He's been bragging he's the strongest in the Universe, since he beat Superman."

" Heh. Nice trying to play on my vanity. Alright Koma I'll bite. Besides that arrogant little alien has had a beating coming for some time now . Take me too him."

He opens a portal where I appear behind him. The super powered Napoleon was fighting demons, Koma appeared in front of him His little synth girl found The magdelena , and got her outta of some burning building.

Koma and the Veg head exchange some words, then He points at me and jumps through the portal dragging along Henchman, He'd better open me a portal back to Earth if he knows what's good for him.

I challenge him with "Your the one who keeps bragging he's the strongest in the Universe! Now you'll have to face the strongest one there is !"

He eats some kind of bean, and his wounds close up and he no longer looks tired.

the saiyan charges me while flying then unleashes a hay maker , on my face. I laugh " That it?" " I then show him what a punch should feel like . As I knock him out of the city.

I leap after the punk,and get blasted into the dirt. He lands all kind of kicks an d chops, and punches, I can't believe this.

" Your supposed to have beat Superman? What did he do? Slip on all the blood you were dripping all over the place?"

" Why? Do I not have my Power?" He screams at no one. " Wait ! That's it the weakling has It! Hey wimp! Give me my strength!"

Then his voice changes, " But I'm pain ting my ship pretty colors."

" The Hell? Give it too me now Or come up to Sky city and Take it!"

I ran at the nut I wasn't going to let this fight end because he decided to have a nervous break down. He blasted me I grabbed it in my hands and started pushing it towards him. Free Image Hosting - www.supload.com

He shouted " I need all of my strength now you pale imitation of me Give it too me now !"

Then his voice changes again,." Okay fighting's icky any way take it ."

Then some kind of power comes down from a nearby satellite. He turns into that weird " super saiyan 4 " form. His blast increases in intensity, and Hurts Hulk. I mean me .

My skin is burned off Hulk heals pretty quick though. He flies at me faster than Hulk could blink. His punches crack bones , Damn it I let my arrogance over whelm me and didn't let myself get angry enough.

But Now Hulk Mad! He Hit s me with an uppercut that throws me into a mountain, it crumbles on me. He then unleashes more energy blasts. " Ha! Another one bites the Dust !" Yells Funny hair man at Hulk .

Argh! No I can't let him free... I want to beat him not Nooooo! Puny Fake Hulk, no longer in way. Funny Hair man laughs then says something like " Wait a second his power level just went up immensely."

Hulk breaks free of big rocks. " Funny hair man is strong but not Stronger than Hulk ! " Hulk tells him ." No one is stronger than Hulk Monkey guy , and Hulk will show you that ! Hulk will Smash!

Thursday, September 14, 2006

I'm me again.

I had made all of the Hulk's stop fighting over their differences, and unite against Onslaught . They were winning until Onslaught disappeared . When he did all the Hulks vanished, I felt their voices fill my mind , I passed out .

I wake up and a lot of the x-men are staring at me.

Storm orders " Do not move Dr Banner !"

" please Storm." I answer. " Don't threaten me, we know what happens when I get angry, and I Don't know about you but I like my self as me."

" You sniveling little worm ! How dare you speak to me like that!"

I ignore her ever since I was sent to that planet the Hulk has been in charge , except for a brief time when I freed myself. I know with Onslaught around I'll have to turn back into him soon, but I want to enjoy, being Bruce Banner while I can.

I look at Cyclops, whose hiding behind Colossus. I do not see Wolverine anywhere . Good. Him and my alter egos mix about as well as oil, and water. " Scott I would like to offer you my help."

" Do not speak to the fool ! " Screeches Storm. "I 'm leader here Banner! , and I do not trust your or the green thing you become!"

I just glare at her then I smile a Joe Fixit smile, " You can have The Incredible Hulk with you or against you what's your choice?"

Saturday, September 09, 2006

I'm back or Hulk battle royal

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us For all the time That other Hulk was on that planet, I was repressed. I don't like bein' kept in Banners Mind, and I was goin' ta show this loser just how felt about that.

" Yeah that's right, I'm Big Joe Fixit ! An' I'm back!" I say at the green gladiator Hulk. I look behind 'im Onslaught, so that explains why I'm in the same place at the same time as him.

" I'm gonna take ya down! Then I'http://www.blogger.com/img/gl.spell.gif
Check Spellingll be top dog!" I challenge.

The other Hulk turns his back on me . " I don't know what kind of trick your pulling here Onslaught, But it's not going to work! I'm still going to smash you into bite sized pieces."

No one ignores Joe Fixit! I Punch him in the back. He elbows me in the nose.

" So your not just a hologram huh? Or maybe the crab man is using his telepathy to make me think your actually hurting me. Either way your going down fake boy."

" I'm as much the Hulk as you are buddy!" I say throwing a hay maker he catches, he crushes my fist then lands a shot in my jaw that throws me through a wall. " Ya just don't get it do ya. The madder I get the stronger..."

He interrupts" Oh shut up! Even if somehow you are Fixit , It doesn't matter We have the same powers , and I can madder a lot faster than you, besides I start off from a lot higher base than you do !You have no chance against me!"

He grabs me and puts me in a head lock. Then he moves his arms an' starts squeezin' my head. A voice that sounds very similar to ours " Is that any way to deal with is a part of us? Well your all just a part of me any way, and it's time I retook control of my mind. "

We turn to see the Professor Hulk. Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

The Gladiator Hulk let's me go " What is this? This is your life? Look On slaught throw all the aspects of me you want! It's still gonna end the same way me crushing your armor."

Prof. Grabs Glads, " No one can stop the Onslaught!"

Glads looks surprised. " Oh yeah Onslaught did use you as a pawn once didn't he?" Glads smacks Prof. " That won't stop me none of this will stop me! Your all fake ! I'm the real Hulk!"

A growl comes from no where. The the wall of the mansion is knocked down and, We're all shocked to see Salad Brain, comin,Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us outta a storm.

" Your not Real Hulk! Hulk is Hulk! Hulk will smash all of you puny fakes!" He jumps on me first after battling for a little while I figure what's goin' on. Onslaught is makin' us all fight each other.

"Salad brain ! Stop it I'm not the enemy!" I yell.Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

" Hulk Doesn't Care!" he raves !" Hulk only cares about shutting fake Hulk up!"

Finally he knocks me down hard then he pounds Glads down"

Joe are you alright?" I hear from a puny Voice. " Banner! Why the Hell did Onslaught manifest you?"

" I'm not sure he did I think maybe Professor X did." He says.

" Then X is loonier that we thought. What are you gonna do ? cry on everyone ?"

Mean while Prof is raving to dumbo how he should serve Onslaught.

" Smart Hulk, may be controlled by red man ! But no one controls Hulk! " He then slams Prof into the ground. Then dummy is knocked down by something. After a quick battle I see what it is . The one hulk I didn't wanna see here the mindless one!

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

He glares at us all. Then let's out a huge roar. " GRRRRRAAAAAAAAA!"

We all get ready to battle. When Puny Banner gets between us . " Hulks! Stop fighting each other! It's him It's Onslaught who's trying to use all of us! Your always saying your the strongest one there is prove it! Stop Onslaught!"

Prof 's mind clears " Yes No one tells me what to do! Your going to pay the price of messing with me freak !"

" Hulk Will Smash crab man !"


I let out a laugh what are we waitn' for?"

Glads just says " This isn't over., but first let's teach crab man a lesson!"

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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Where's Richards?

I broke into the Baxter building. After smashing through all their defenses I find that rock brain Ben Grimm. He babbles "Wotta revoltin' development this is." Before I smack him through a door. http://www.blogger.com/img/gl.spell.gif
Check Spelling

He leaps at me through the door . " I was gonna leave the country but I guess I'll take ya out before I go."

He leaps right into my fist. Free Image Hosting - www.supload.com

Thing gets in some good punches. Bit he's nothing compared to me I'm the strongest one there is. When I was about to finish, him I feel a force field around him?

" Okay Invisible Woman you might as well show your self." I order. Free Image Hosting - www.supload.com

Now she's the one who starts acting all confident." Why are you here endangering my children Hulk? Your always saying you just want to be left alone. Why are you attacking our home?"

" Forget the posturing." I say. "Just tell me where your rubber man, husband is ."

" I wish I knew ." She answers." He's out helping Tony Stark with his stupid war. They're putting our friends in prison for not going along with the Registration Act."

What's a registration Act? Doesn't matter, so the superheroes are at war. I can use that. Then I hear this noise like Voip! I turn around , and see this guy in a hood.

" I know you from somewhere." I say.

" Of course you do Hulk I'm Capitan Koma

" Yeah I remember you. Fixit met you your Magneto's flunky."

He spits" "I'm no one's flunky. Look I know you have no reason to trust me, but I know your not afraid of me your not afraid of anything. I hear your after Xavier. I can give Xavier what do you say?"

" Your only wanting me to take down baldy, to accomplish some goal of yours huh?" He nods. " What do I care? I want my revenge so Take me to him."

I'm teleported, right next to him . Except Xavier was gone, It was Onslaught.Free Image Hosting - www.supload.com I utter
" Hulk Smash Red Man."


" It was worth a try Baldy. I see you just couldn't take the stress of your little dream, not working out, or did something bad happen between you and the little catholic chick. Ya just couldn't take it anymore and you let Onslaught out to play again huh?"


A blast hits me, it doesn't seem to do anything.

" Your getting weak in your old age Onslaught. Now get ready to get ripped outta your Armor Punk!"

Then I hear this voice behind me . " Ya ain't rippin' no one outta no where ya mook! In fact yer gonna get a whuppin' for keepin' me repressed do long!"

I realize that's my voice. What I see next is impossible. " Whatta ya lookin' at? It's really me ya poser Big Joe Fixit. An' I'm back."

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Monday, September 04, 2006

Now to take down IronMan

Since Xavier is off the freaking planet, I decide to go after Tony Stark. I fins him leading a bunch of Heroes, against a bunch of other heroes in New York. So the spandex weirdos have finally lost it and started going after each other.

Whatever I'm going to crush them all! I jump in on the fight. I slap away Warbird, who flies after me I don't know which side she's on and don't care. I slam into Iron Man.

He turns on me saying " Hulk! Bruce we what we did was for your own good..."

" Don't give me that Crap Stark! You people are all afraid of me!Your also Jealous of my strength! No one is stronger than me and that eats everyone of you up doesn't it?"

He blast those puny repulsors at me . I'm knocked back a little bit, but that's not a problem. I walk through the blasts and right up to Iron man . I tear off the billonare pissant's armor.Free Image Hosting - www.supload.com

I'm suddenly struck by thunder. Stark runs away. I turn to see Thor. So that wannabe god still hasn't learned You don't mess with me.Free Image Hosting - www.supload.com

Looks like I'll have to reeducate him. I punch him in the jaw then he hits me with that stupid hammer. It shocks me ,Free Image Hosting - www.supload.com but all that does is make me mad . I get stronger he doesn't.

We go back and forth I hit or kick him, and he throws thunder at me , or hits me with the hammer, blabbing how he's the son of Odin and all that. Finally he gets smart and flies above me firing bolts at me from there.

Ok So I Throw a gas truck at him. You know it's weird the whole time I'm having to slap some sense in another costumed goon while doing this. Any way it explodes in his face. It didn't really hurt him but it did surprise him .

I leapt on him and Beat him silly. Free Image Hosting - www.supload.com

Then I'm blasted by another repulsor Ray I turn around and see ironman in another Hulkbuster armor I charge him and I'm punched in the face. And knocked through a building. I Leap out, and he blasts me again. He does pretty good until he makes the dumb mistake of trying to strangle me.

I pull his arms off of my neck then he tries to out Power me. I rip out some circuits and And squeeze him in the armor, Then I toss him into The Hudson river. After beating down the other heroes, especially that doofus Hank Pym I leap towrds my next target, The Baxter Bulding.