Monday, April 16, 2007

Meetin' with Stark

Gettin' in ta Stark Tower was easy enough . Most of the security was robots, An I know what they need , a good Smashin'. As fer The Sentry? i found him laying on the kitchen floor cryin' Putz.

I find Stark In his room with with has what looks like Clown Makeup allover his body. And he's on the phone with someone. " Yeah Ollie turns out the bomb was some kind of Joker thing. I found the young lady responsible and punished her justly. That's right Ollie a hard spanking. "

After he hangs up the phone he smugly gets inta bed.

I zap him with some kind of brain mess up ray Koma sold me. it works just fine since when I make my appearance he can't call up the Iron Man Armor, Or Shield. Hell he can barely move or talk.

" Well Ya know Stark, I should kill ya fer all the crap ya did a me with yer Illuminati buddies. Or any number Of things ya pulled during the Civil War. But don't worry You'll live to spread STDS. I'm just here ta give you a warning . Well ya see You and my client have a mutual problem one named Heroslayer."

" Whuuut abouuut him?" Stark tries to say.

" Well my client wants 'em found and dead ASAP we all know he;'s a SHIELD agent. So maybe ya can ferret him out. If not My client will release info that about your little war profiteering during the Civil War.Now how would your Pro Reg Buddies feel about that hmmm?"

He looks down in shame. I grin " So do we understand each other?" He nods. " Oh yeah I say before leavin' Think about how easily I got in here, before ya shoot somebody off into space again, believe me Ya don't wanna a war with the Hulk."

I leap off I guess only time will tell How Stark takes this.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

A call from Deathstroke.

It's not often that I go to meet someone about a job but I was curious as to what Deathstroke the Terminator wanted. If it's take out Deadpool it's I'm there. So I wen into this big ass wooden "T" in New york and tried my best to ignore the giant pictures of his kids behind him.

"So Whattya wantin' me to do?" I start when this thing comes running in .

"ME no want to do this! Me cost you lots of money no like Joe Fixit!"

" Ok what is that thing?"

He sighs " That's Match. Go to your room now!"

" Me go to my room.

" How come he ain't goin'? "

" It's complicated. He'll be punished for this later. I was wanting to know how much would it cost for you to have a word with Tony Stark."

" Yer in luck, There's a discount for goin' after Stark. Let's just say we have history. So what's the word? huh?"

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Bat Meme!

I'm just a little bored, so here's a meme from Here.

The first one is this.

An' here's another.