Monday, February 09, 2009

New tag team

Yeah I know I ain't been postin' in a while. The Green idiot has been doing a lot of stuff that's left me away from a computer. Well I was gonna skip the whole Boudakai thing this year, but ya know what? the Tag Team money is just too much ta pass up.

But I ain't Gonna be teamin' up wit' saiyan kiddies this time oh no. ya see a certain superhero team has been hit hit hard by the finacial crisis. So one of thier members has decided ta join up wit' me ta get half of the money. And all ya other tag teams well your time is comin' And that time is Clobberin' Time.

Yup i know We've fought more than me and Wolverine but here's the thing , I like money and he needs money I think we'll work okay together. Besides we're two of the strongest people on the planet. we'll makke the competiton pee thier pants. besides I hear two sixteen year olds won it last year. So the competition musta went down hill since I was in it.

Ya know I woulda went into the single tourney but the green idiot would be out there Since it's during the day. If I wanted the place torn apart then yeah I would stay and let greenie there, but I'd like to actually collect my check after winnin; the tag tourny. so yeah other tag teams be afraid be very afraid.

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