Thursday, October 02, 2008

I hate playin' sidekick

continued from here. Good thing

I'm gettin' paid for this. Trunks an' me are bein' treated like sidekicks by Mirai. Who's barreling into hordes a' demons. We have to watch his back.

“You guys keep up or I'm leaving you!" He growls.

We were wrestling Cerberus the three headed dog that protects the underworld.

"My sword isn't magic like yours." Trunks shouts “just normal metal so bite me!" The two of us knock the monster out.

"The strongest thing on the freakin' and I'm playing second fiddle to lavender fabio!"

Trunks grins “you think that's bad? If he didn't come back in time... I would have been him."

I roll my eyes. “Okay you win."

A new wave of demons goes after Mirai. I knock them all down with a Thunder Clap while Trunks blasts them way.

“Does he even notice he's bein' attacked from all these angles?” I wonder out loud

“No. When it comes to Vampirella he's pretty single minded." Trunks shrugs.

Mirai runs into this with this big dramatic entrance shtick knocking away some magic blade from a naked dude with his sword. “Heh looks like Vampi was a little unfaithful..." I laugh.

“Hulk! Pay attention to the demons after you!"

"Ah screw this I'm sick of all these freakin' mythological creeps they piss me off! No one will like me when I'm pissed!" I stomp the ground under us. Casuing a huge crack in between us and the denizens of Hell sink into lava.

“Yeah baby strongest one there is!" I shout.

“Yeah how do we get back?" trunks whines.

“Hey you and your other self can fly right? And I seen you're dad throw mountain sized rocks, so I'm pretty sure one of ya can carry me."

Trunks shakes his head “Mirai gets the hot vampire... and I get to carry the Hulk oh joy."

" Ain't no fun fer me either ya know what I can probably leap the whole way back ... how about I carry Vampirella, and you two can do whatever ya want?"

“Then I'd have to fish you out of the lava... So what are going to do while Mirai fights that Adam guy?"

I take out some cards. “Got any, money on ya?"

"Aw gambling? Sure why not? Texas hold'em?"

"Whatever game ya wanna lose at is fine wit' me." I grin. "Get ready ta be poor rich boy."

Looks like we're gonna be here fer a while.

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Professor Xavier said...

I definitely picture you as a solo artist, Fixit. I think you know why.