Thursday, May 24, 2007

And now a little destruction

The big Black Bat hired me to cause a little destruction here on Saiyan island.

Saiayn Island kinda sucks. Except they kinds got some Ginger , And Mary Annes Though strangely some of the babes ain't really half bad lookin' once ya get past the whole tail thing.

Meh. I shouldn't just take in the sights I should be doin' some smashin' I'm big like some O' these guys get, so I painted my self flesh color and wore some saiyan armor. I set a few bombs ,on some the buildings they have there, when things start going kablooeyy the finally notice the I don't smell like them.

One of them knock me into the water, and They ae surprised at my grey skin when i come out. " Yeah well ya punks are about to meet the Incredible Hulk!"

I waded into them beating the hell outta them. yeah evreyonce in a while a few would over whelm me, but I'd just get mad, and knock 'im off. Yeah some Of thier blasts hurt, but I heal up quick, then somethin' weird happens I stop gettin' stronger, and start shrinkin'.

The last thing I see before Banner takes over is the sun risin' Dammit ! Not Now... What the? I see my self surrounded by a group of funny haired people. What has the Hulk gotten me into this time?

This Big man that all the others call king stares me over. " So this is the so called Incredible Hulk eh? A skinny mewling human, who's weakness is the sun? Pathetic!"

In my head I hear " Puny Funny Hair! Hulk Will show you to laugh at him!"

No I have to suppress the change! I have no choice but to become Fixit I won't let the other monster out too! Before I think of anything else The King Pokes me with his finger, and I black out last thing I hear is "Hulk will get you for this! Watch out Funny Hair! Hulk will Smash!"


Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

Smash 'em all Hulk! Smash 'em good!

The Hulk said...

HULK WILL Gladiator Man!