Sunday, July 13, 2008

Hulk is Free!!!!!

Stupid Samson helped Puny Banner, and Smart Hulk Lock Hulk and grey Hulk in dark place. Now Smart Hulk wants to lock up Hulk's friends, dumb magician, and Shiny Man, Bird nose, Cat girl, and Sword Girl. Hulk doesn't think they can get Fishman,

Hulk used to be mad at magician, but Hulk can't remember why. Hulk is locked in dark place with Grey Hulk. Grey Hulk keeps making fun of Hulk. Hulk wants out.

After long time in Dark place Hulk sees girl, girl that is not girl, but robot, she somehow got into dark place. “Try to keep me locked up will you Dr. Banner?” Robot girl growls. “Prepare to deal with Dreamweaver."

Robot girl turns into monster.

She makes Banner remember bad, stuff. His father hitting him, and killing his mother. Him pushing Rick out of way of green blast that made Hulk. Betty dying. Finding out abomination did it.

Caiera dying and Sakaar exploding. Makes Hulk mad, and the Madder Hulk gets stronger Hulk becomes. Hulk smashes cell open, and runs at monster girl. Monster girl looks surprised. “The Hulk! Banner said you were gone!"

“Banner was wrong! No one can make Hulk go away!"

She makes monsters, and makes Hulk's enemies appear. She laughs. “All the things you fear Hulk! Cower before... Why aren't you afraid?"

“Bah!" Hulk shouts. “Hulk is afraid of nothing! Hulk is the strongest one there is!"

Hulk attacks monster girl, but Monster girl cuts Hulk with claws. We start to wrestle. Hulk getting stronger but she's still strong. “Hey!" Grey hulk yells. “Lemme out!"

"You are Hulk's enemy!" Hulk reminds him.

" No I ain't! Look you might beat her, but if ya lemme out we'll both defeat her quicker!"

" You want to keep Hulk here! So you can be in real world!" Hulk growls.

" I don't like the day pally. You can have it. I want the nights, lemme out, and we can put the Prof, and Banner in here what do ya say?"

For some reason Hulk feels pain in head, and Hulk get image of this fighting Smart Hulk.

" I don't know what you're trying to lock in that cage Banner, and I don't care! You're going to die! Maybe I'll let it out."

" Hulk it's that red pretender! Ya gotta trust Big Joe! Lemme out, and we'll beat sky, and then the Red Hulk!"

Hulk smashes cage! " Aw yeah Big Joe Fixit is back in business! Alright Terminatrix time to face the Hulk tag team!"



TX said...

no you are locked in a dream.. I am free you stupid green thing...

Look at my true face.. I keep you trapped and what will you do about it

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Things look very tough right now..