Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Two new jobs

I was paid ta help Black plague with his gang war against the Kingpin. But Puny Banner had to get in the way, and drugged himself. He also locked himself in a vault.

My healin' ability took care of the drug an' a steel vault was nothin to my strength. I end up gettin' there late. So I ended up keepin" Bloodscream an' Roughouse out of the fight between Plauge and Kingpin.

The two ended up wimpin' out and became partners . Not that I care I got what I wanted outta the whole deal everything I wanted. Plague wanted me to join as a permanent Henchman, but I told him I like ta be my own boss.

When I get back to my office I find a message on my machine from a Captain Koma He's creating a strike force ta take out the Terminarix. I call him and say I'll do it for half price since takin' down the robot will stick in Magneto's craw.

Word on the street says the Swamp Thing is putting together a strike force to take down the amazin' pink mutant as well. Looks like he's in fer a fun time. The next night Banner left a tape recording sayin' I got the job at Oike gallery one hitch I had to work night and day.


TX said...


SHI said...

thanks for coming please protect the statues and everything ele from being stolen or broken

The Grim Reaper said...

thanks for the info

Professor Xavier said...

The Hulk with a sidekick. Now that's an intersting idea.

Then again, I suppose that's what Rick Jones was for awhile. Whatever happened to that kid anyway?


BEEP: er..Is this papa johns.. if so can you send 3 extra large peperoni pizzas to the xaiver mansion. Oh and one more, they might be hungry downstairs. Just ask fer Kody.

"Don't poke the bear buddy!"