Monday, February 20, 2006

Nothin' can stop the Juggernaut 'cept me

Alright dis pic is here because I called up ol Vegeta on a quiji board and he said to post a pic on blogger then use it on your porfile, We'll see how it works out. I found out .

Me and the kid were fighting the Juggernaut. I kept getting stronger as I got madder, but Marko kept gettin' bigger. " Ha looks like I'll take down two bloggers with one body. " Said Juggernaut. " You and the Green Hulk will die, I'll get more Status Than Dracula for taking down Vegeta."

I heard the rumors that Dracula was havin' some kind 'O Feud wit Big hair . And that the X-men found some kind Conspircy ta kill all the super hero Bloggers I didn't know tha two were related.

Super boy said " Wait are all you guys in like the Legion of Doom or something?"

Legion of Doom? No way those losers, can keep puttin' the JLA In Story books an stuff! We' re the NWO." Not the wrestlers. When The Professor Hulk was in in control, we heard of these guys. I thought Apocalypse killed them all. I was wrong.

" Kon Plan A I yelled." the boy jumped on the armor and used Tactile Telekinisis to open it . I saw the ruby embedded on Cain's chest I grabbed it and started to pull. One problem, Juggernaut's mystic defenses knocked us both back. I started healin' pretty quick.

The kid's magic weakness had him out cold. Ok Time fer plan b. I had super boy bring me a Phantom Zone Projector. When I was tryin' ta find it, Dr Strange's Voice came into my mind . "Juggernaut's power is being augmented by several mages."

" That's about ta be, no longer a problem ." I yelled I used Banner'a Mind ta figure out tha projector. I blasted 'im And he disappeared. In a floating sqare thing . Now Marko is someone else's problem.

In The Phantom Zone

" Man In red armor Kneel Before Zod!"

" Shut up you annoyin' freak 'fore I shut you up . "


Professor Xavier said...

Now that was an excellent solution! So basically Juggernaut is now stuck in the mysterious Phantom Zone for all eternity, right? Perfect. It feels really good to finally get that pest out of my hair. So to speak. Thanks Joe!

big joe said...

Your welcome nice doin' business wit ya.